Charities, Governance and the Law: The Way Forward

Charities, Governance and the Law: The Way Forward


ISBN: 978-1-901614-19-0

Publication date: 01/09/2003

Price: £49.50

Comments :
Governance issues are increasingly important for charities and their funders. Charities are expected to play an enhanced role in the provisions of services whilst at the same time they are answerable to a greater number of stakeholders. There has been much serious and earnest debate in the charity sector about governance.

This is the first book to consider how the law interacts with charity governance and to look to the future role of the law.

The book is a collection of thought-provoking essays that provided the basis of a series of four inter-disciplinary seminars on charity law and governance. Each seminar considered a particular aspect of governance with a paper on the law, a paper on the experience and practice of charities and a paper from a different but relevant area or discipline.

Areas covered include:
• Recruiting and Retaining an Effective Body of Trustees
• The Involvement of Users in Governance
• Strategy or Management by Trustees
• The Influence of Funders
• Lessons for the future

The result is a critical forward look at the role of law in charity governance.

"This important work will be essential reading for all concerned in the administration of charities and their professional advisers."

Robert Venables QC


Karen Atkinson
Research Assistant, Charity Law Unit, University of Liverpool

Michael Carpenter
Retired Executive Legal Charity Commissioner

Robin Currie
Chief Executive, PSS

Dorothy Dalton
Director of Voluntary Sector Development, Howarth Clark Whitehill

Valerie James
Partner, Wrigleys Solicitors

Gregory Jobome
Lecturer in Economics, University of Liverpool

John Marshall
NHS Regional Appointments Commissioner

Robert Meakin
Partner, Stone King Solicitors

Debra Morris
Lecturer, Cayman Island Law School

David Mullins
Reader in Housing Studies, University of Birmingham

David Nussbaum
Managing Director, Transparency International

Roger Singleton
Chief Executive, Barnardo’s

Jean Warburton
Professor of Law, Charity Law Unit, University of Liverpool