Practical Tax Planning Oxford 2018

Practical Tax Planning Oxford 2018

36th Annual Oxford Four-Silk Residential Seminar and Workshop

Chair: Robert Venables Q.C.

Date: 26/09/2018

Price: £1,499.00 + VAT


36th Annual Oxford Four-Silk Residential Seminar and Workshop 


Wednesday September 26th to Friday 28th September 

Merton College, Oxford


Full Price £1,499  +  VAT


The aim of this year’s residential seminar is once again to examine, in the congenial atmosphere of an historic Oxford College, practical solutions to the ever changing fiscal complications to modern life.


In addition to regular talks, the Seminar will include for the first time interactive Discussion Sessions, monitored by two of the speakers, in which current tax planning issues will be considered, usually with case studies.




Robert Venables Q.C. (Chairman)

Mark Herbert Q.C.

James Kessler Q.C.

Philip Simpson Q.C.

Rory Mullan

Harriet Brown

Etienne Wong

Mary Ashley

Sarah Squires

Ross Birkbeck

Patrick Boch


The speakers are all practising barristers.  They practise from Old Square Tax Chambers, 15 Old Square Lincoln’s Inn, London WC2A 3UE, except Mark Herbert Q.C. who practices from Pump Court Chambers, 16 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4EB and Patrick Boch who will be joining Old Square Tax Chambers in the summer of 2018.


 WEDNESDAY September 26th 


12.00 Arrival and Registration


13.00 Lunch Merton College


14.00 Chairman’s Introduction


14.10 Disguised Remuneration April 5th 2019 Charge - Robert Venables Q.C. 

When will it apply?  Who will be liable?  What anything be done to prevent it?


14.55 The New Close-Family Rules - Rory Mullan 

Capital Gains Tax and Non-UK Resident Trusts (TCGA s.87G - 87H ) - Income Tax Settlement Provisions (ITTOIA s.643A - 643H) - Income Tax Transfer of Assets Abroad Provisions (ITA s.733A - 735B) - Planning Points


15.40  Claims against trustees - Mark Herbert Q.C. 

Obtaining documents and the Data Protection Act - Not every duty owed by a fiduciary is a fiduciary duty’; discuss -  Equitable compensation and the duty to account - Accounting on the footing of wilful default - Limitation defences and laches


16.20 Discussion Session with Refreshments


16.40 Deemed Domicile Rules - Mary Ashley 

New Rules for Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax


Close of Formal Proceedings for the Day


19.00 Pre-dinner drinks and dinner in the Great Hall


THURSDAY 27th September 2018


09.30 Chairman’s Introduction


09.35   Disregard of Capital Payments From Settlements - Robert Venables Q.C. 

Disregard of payments: purpose and intention  - Payments to non-residents  - Payments in year settlement ends  - Payments received by close family members  - Interaction with other provisions.


10.20 Settlements Anti-avoidance Rules Concerning Onward Gifts - Harriet Brown 

New rules in s.87I-87N TCGA 1992, 643I -643N ITTOIA 2007 and 733B-733E ITA 2007 - When is an onward gift made? - Scope of the rules and extent of potential liabilities - Commencement and application of the new rules


11.05 Discussion Session with Refreshments


11.20  Protected Foreign Source Income - James Kessler

 Transfer of Assets Abroad Provisions - Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005 Settlement Provisions


12.05     Partnership Taxation Post Finance Act 2018 - Philip Simpson Q.C. 

Indirect partners - Bare trusts -  Returns: information to be included -  Returns: shares of profits and losses - Returns: overseas partners


12.50  Lunch


15.00 Taxation of Non-UK Residents on Gains from United Kingdom Land - Sarah Squires

 Finance Act 2016 Regimes for corporation tax and income tax - Widened Scope of Charge - Comparison with Replaced Anti-Avoidance Provisions - Irrelevance of permanent establishment.  The Consultation Document Taxing gains made by non-residents on UK immovable property: extension of direct charge to all United Kingdom property interests - introduction of charge on indirectly held United Kingdom property interests - transitional provisions - TAAR - Forestalling


15.40 Discussion Session with Refreshments


16.00 Discussion Session 1


17.00 Discussion Session 2


18.00 Close of Formal Proceedings for the Day


19.15 Pre dinner drinks


19.45 Gala Dinner Merton College (Black-Tie Optional) in the Great Hall


FRIDAY 28TH September 2018


09.30 - Chairman’s Introduction


09.35 Discussion Session 3


10.20 Tax Litigation - Patrick Boch

Tax Litigation From the Perspective of A Former HMRC Litigator - the Life of A Tax Dispute: Pre-enquiry, Enquiry, Stages of Appeal - HMRC Litigation and Settlement Strategy - Ineffective Strategies for Dealing with HMRC - Effective Strategies for Dealing with HMRC


11.05 Discussion Session with Refreshments


11.25 Reports of Discussion Sessions Followed by Questions to Speakers


12.45 Lunch


14.00 Close of Seminar





Each Discussion Session will be held three times over, at the times indicated above, to limit the number of those participating in each session.


Discussion Session A, lead by Rory Mullan and Ross Birkbeck:  Domicile and Deemed Domicile


Discussion Session B, lead by James Kessler and Harriet Brown: Capital Gains Tax Liabilities of Non-UK Resident Trustees, their Settlors and Beneficiaries.


Discussion Session C, lead by Robert Venables and Mary Ashley: Income Taxation of Trusts, their Settlors and Beneficiaries


Discussion Session D, lead by Sarah Squires and Etienne Wong: Taxation of Non-UK Residents re United Kingdom Land







£1, 499 per delegate plus VAT (£299.80) = £1,798.80




For bookings confirmed by August 1st 2018


£1,299 per delegate + VAT (£259.80) = £1,558.80


(to include course notes, accommodation, meals and wines.)




For application and conditions please contact:


Key Haven Publications Ltd, PO Box 669, Oxford OX3 3AU

Tel: 01865 352121;




Conferences Terms and Conditions


Cancellations: Those confirmed in writing 30 days prior to the Seminar qualify for a refund subject to a £150 charge. Cancellations within 30 days prior to the seminar do not qualify for a refund, although substitutions will normally be allowed at Key Haven’s discretion, subject to a £50 administration fee.

Disclaimer: Key Haven Publications Ltd reserves the right to change the speakers or the programme for any reasons beyond its control or on account of changes in the law. Nothing in the talks or discussions or the prepared notes constitute legal advice. They are simply an expression of the speakers’ views, put forward for consideration and discussion. No action should be taken nor omitted in reliance on them but independent professional advice should be taken in every case. Neither the speakers nor Key Haven Publications Ltd accept any legal responsibility for them.

Warning: Neither Key Haven Publications Ltd nor the speakers gives any licence to any person to record and/or reproduce in any format (including sound and/or visual recording) (a) any Notes prepared in conjunction with this seminar; (b) the delivery by any speaker of any talk or any response to any question or discussion, in whole or in part, on any of the above. Any such unlicensed recording or reproduction or the making of any such epitome or transcript is a civil wrong and could well involve the commission of a criminal offence.