Captives & Captive Management For Practitioners & Owners

Captives & Captive Management For Practitioners & Owners


ISBN: 978-1-901614-16-9

Publication date: 15/09/2002

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Topics Covered :
The first edition of a totally new book on captive insurance companies is written very much from the practical viewpoint. The author spent over 20 years involved in the management of captives, overseeing the dramatic development in this business since 1975.

Originally intended as a study course for those working in the business, including lawyers and accountants, where the end result will be a diploma in Captive Management awarded by Glasgow Caledonian University, this book will be of considerable interest to all those interested or involved in captives.

Indeed the book is a complete A to Z of the subject. It is written in a very readable form and should be of interest to anyone who wants to know more about the intricaces of the subject and wants a reference book handy. The aim has been to produce something relating to the practice and principles of captive management, aspects standing the test of time and requiring the minimum of updates. The book is aimed at captives world-wide and it is intended to make the study course and examination available in all captive domiciles.

Topics Covered :

• The History of Captives From the 18th Century
• Why Captives are Formed and the Advantages They Provide to Their Owners
• Content and Form of the Feasibility Study
• Initial Decisions in Forming a Captive and Choosing a Management Company
• Duties of the Management Company
• Company Operating Procedure
• Captive Finances and Board Procedures
• How Different Classes of Insurance Might be Handled
• How a Captive Can Fit Into Alternative Risk Financing Programmes and Write “Uninsurable” Risk
• Setting up Reinsurance Programmes From the Viewpoint of Both the Reinsurer and the Captive
• A Review of Captive Domiciles Including EU, Onshore and Offshore
• Association, Joint-Interest, Rent-a-Captive and the latest development, Protected Cell Companies
• Tax Aspects
• Should a Captive Get Involved in Unrelated Business and, If So, How?
• Why Should Insurers and Reinsurers Be Involved With and Support Captives?

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