An Afternoon Seminar May 1st 2004

Chair: Robert Venables K.C.

Date: 01/05/2024

Price: £400.00 + VAT





An Afternoon Seminar May 1st 2004


The Law Society’ Hall, 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PL




Robert Venables K.C. (Chairman)

Etienne Wong

Ben Symons

Rebecca Sheldon


The speakers are all practising barristers and members of Old Square Tax Chambers,15 Old Square, Lincoln’s Inn W2A 3UE: Website:, Contact: or 020 7242 2744


The Need for Action


Few doubt that by the end of 2024 the United Kingdom will have a Labour government.  The  Labour Party has cleverly stated very little about its intentions re taxation.  Yet it is obvious to any intelligent person that taxes will need to be raised even further.  And it is equally obvious that the new government will very likely, in line with the politics of envy, abandon the rationality of prior Labour governments and increase tax rates even when the result is to decrease the tax yield or to increase it less than the amount of the extra public spending it will entail.


The aim of the seminar is to explore ways in which such tax increases might be pre-empted by action taken while there is still time.




13.00 Arrival and Registration with Refreshments


13.45 Chairman’s Introduction


13.50 Overview of Tax Increases and Forestalling Possibilities - Robert Venables K.C.


Tax Increases: Certain, Probable and Possible - Which can be implemented mid-tax year? - Retrospective Charges? - Forestalling Techniques in General -


14.10   Foreign Domiciliaries - Rebecca Sheldon


Basic principles - Rumours as to changes - Excluded property trusts - Remittances


14.40 Forestalling Imposition of value added tax on Private School Fees - Etienne Wong


Preserving existing exemption by prepayment - what are the rules? - Anti-forestalling legislation - how far would a Government go?  Retroactive legislation? -  Post-Brexit, how much of the basic VAT rules (such as those on timing) could a Government change? - Minimalising the impact of the proposed VAT change - “unbundling" - Would the (Halifax) anti-abuse rules apply? ·  Would the Ramsay principle apply ?  Would the GAAR apply?


15.05 Carried Interest - Ben Symons


How to manage the current tax risks in relation to the carried interest of private equity executives in private equity funds?


How to plan for potential changes to the taxation of carried interest of private equity executives under a Labour Government?


15.30   Discussion Session with Refreshments


15.45   Capital Gains Tax: How to Hedge Your Bets - Robert Venables K.C.


How to forestall increases in rates of capital gains tax / corporation tax on chargeable gains while retaining the ability to unwind the planning should it prove unnecessary - counter-productive


16.15   Questions to Speakers and Panel Discussion


16.45   Close of Seminar




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