Trusts and UK Taxation

Trusts and UK Taxation

2nd Edition


ISBN: 1 870070 67 4

Publication date: 15/01/2000

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Topics Covered :
The aim of TRUSTS AND UK TAXATION is to provide a description of the main aspects of the UK taxation of trusts. It presents an extremely useful and unique exposition of a highly complex area of law. It has been specifically designed for both expert practitioners and those who do not deal with trusts and UK taxation on a day to day basis.

The most valuable design aspect of TRUSTS AND UK TAXATION is that it can be used as the starting point when dealing with clients' problems.

TRUSTS AND UK TAXATION seeks to demystify the modern trust. It does this by taking the unusual approach of dealing with all the taxes relevant to each party together, so that one can find all one essentially needs to know about the settlor's, the trustees' and the beneficiaries' UK tax liability in one place.

This approach mirrors the practitioner's need to deal with clients' problems, rather than consider individual taxes separately, and assists rather than hinders a sound understanding of the subject, as other approaches can do.

Combining a detailed analysis of the technical provisions with a generous selection of illuminating extracts from the important cases, the publishers believe that this book on trusts is unrivalled. There are few people in this country who could possibly match the authors' combination of practical and academic experience.

The Expatriate devoted an entire page to reviewing the 1st edition saying inter alia:-

This is a very handsome book, easy to handle despite its 300 pages, with a very readable print, the subjects well laid out, and the contents clear and comprehensive. ... The style is straightforward with the Contents, Table of Cases and Glossary which have been prepared with a great attention to detail. ... The technicalities of the subject and the problem areas confronting the reader are presented in a lucid manner.... Trusts & UK Taxation is highly recommended as a valuable addendum to anyone engaged in the theory and practice of trusts.

The Second Edition builds on these strengths and ensures that the book is an essential and up to date guide for all involved in trusts and tax.

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