An Analysis Of The Guernsey Law Of Trusts

An Analysis Of The Guernsey Law Of Trusts


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Publication date: 01/12/1997

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Topics Covered :
This book is the first to deal comprehensively with each aspect of the Trusts (Guernsey) Law 1989 ("the Law"). This book analyses the Law with special reference to the practical problems and issues trust administrators, accountants, lawyers and other professionals have to resolve on a day to day basis.

The book analyses the provisions of the Law and relates them to the equivalent provisions in England, together with the relevant case law in England and where relevant, the Commonwealth.

The book also examines the effect of the ever burgeoning litigation in other offshore jurisdictions on the provisions of the Law in Guernsey.

In recognition of the increasing litigation, there are special sections in the book which examine such issues as office of the protector, the information rights of beneficiaries, exculpatory clauses, forced heirship claims and community property.

This book whilst technical is written in language which is easy to follow and will therefore be of use to professionals, whether specialist in the offshore field or more generally, to interested lay persons. As such, the book will be of assistance to persons working on a day to day basis with the legislation and also to professionals who have dealings with Guernsey trusts, albeit on behalf of clients in other jurisdictions and to those thinking of creating trusts in Guernsey.

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