The Law & Taxation of Remuneration Trusts

The Law & Taxation of Remuneration Trusts

2nd Edition by Paul Baxendale-Walker


ISBN: 978-1-901614-46-6

Publication date: 15/02/2012

Price: £150.00

The text was finalised by the author in December 2011 and reflects the changes in legislation to this date.

Now in Softback June 2016

The 1st Edition of this book published in 1997 set out the key legal principles relating to the establishment, administration and taxation of these trusts. The Author draws on over a decade of experience - both as tax practitioner and researcher - to explain how the law and taxation of these trusts has developed.

There have been important developments both in legislation and case law. What were grey areas in 1997 have now become legal certainties, which present both opportunities and pitfalls for Remuneration Trust planning.

Drawing on over a decade of practitioner experience, Paul is able to guide the reader through the typical processes of dealing with HMRC responses to Remuneration Trust structures, and to provide clear risk analysis in relation to different fiscal and financial aspects of trust implementation.

The book provides worked examples of trust planning, and provides insights into issues of trust administration and wealth planning within a trust structure.

The book is written and Paul's clear and engaging style, which makes it accessible both to the practitioner and the interested lay reader.


1 Introduction
2 Legal Model Of A Remuneration Trust
3 Trust Law Issues
4 Corporation Tax
5 Trust Taxation
6 Remuneration Benefits
7 Post Employment Benefits
8 Other Distributions By Remuneration Trusts
9 Close Companies And Other Special Types Of Founder
10 Maximising Benefits

About the Author

Paul Baxendale-Walker is a tax consultant and partner in Baxendale Walker LLP: 4th Floor Warwick House, 25 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0PP (

Paul co-authored the 1st Edition with Andrew Thornhill QC. He has since written Purpose Trusts for Butterworths (1999) and countless articles.

Paul’s practice involves the daily use of Remuneration Trusts and related structures, together with bespoke fiscal and financial planning for high net worth individuals and corporates.

Paul presents his own TV programme Red Zone on Sky Channel 200 ( He is also a director of St George’s Bank Holdings Ltd. He divides his time between London and Los Angeles, where he is involved in media finance.